The opinion poll votes are in at The Retreat

We asked you which is best, Twiglets or Mini Cheddars. In a referendum-esque way, the result was very close: Mini Cheddars 56% to Twiglets 44%.

Therefore, the Twiglet voters are claiming a win and a fresh vote. The Mini Cheddars voters are saying, “Let’s get Cheddars done.”

The Retreat customers are contradicting the poll result by protesting from their seats and eating more Twiglets then Mini Cheddars.

Mini Cheddars vs Twiglets, the Facebook vote
The Facebook vote.
Mini Cheddars vs Twiglets, the Twitter  vote
The Twitter vote.

Attempts at community conciliation have been made by Luke and Phil who are both residents of St John’s Street.

The Quiz Night last week

Quiz Master Mike Burt was away last week on Quiz Night. The event went along as scheduled. Mike wrote the Quiz and Mark Birmingham was the guest Quiz Master.

There was a huge spread of scores ranging from, “how the hell did they do that?” (84.5/100) to, “is this quiz always like this? (38/100). But great fun was had by all.