Theakston’s Christmas Ale has arrived

We have one barrel of Theakston’s Christmas Ale, available from 16.30 today, Monday 16 December 2019. First come first served.

Theakston's Christmas Ale at The Retreat pub in Reading

Chew on this: a fictional Yorkshire beer which starred in a hit US crime series in 2011 is now being brewed every year for Christmas… it’s Theakston’s Christmas Ale.

Billed as, “A rich festive ale with cinnamon, raisins and a hint of walnut,” this seasonal real ale almost needs a spoon and a fork to consume it. And it is hugely popular. Theakston’s go on to describe their Christmas Ale as, “An outstanding rich, fruity, dark and mellow ale – just like liquid Christmas pudding!”

You can read the history of this once a year real ale on the Theakston website.

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