The Retreat Matches

Look at what just surfaced at The Retreat…a box of The Retreat branded matches, with a few live ones still in there.

The Retreat matches from the Bouldens Match Company

We love finding more bits and pieces of The Retreat’s colourful history. Anything you’ve got. please share it with us.

Bar Wars

When the followers of The Retreat were asked if they preferred Mini Cheddars or Twiglets it tuned out to be a question that divided the nation in a Cameron-esque manner: the vote stood at 52% Minischeddare and 48% Twiglets. Two grown men set out to unite the country by combining the two…

The Retreat’s got a cat

I was asked, “Did you know The Retreat has a cat?” And apparently this is the cat. I asked what his name was and the reply was, “Stephen. That’s Stephen with a PhD.”

Anyway, I don’t fancy his chances when Brian spots him.