Past landlords of The Retreat

??Thomas Law
?1881/1882?William Bridgeman
Pork Butcher and Beer Seller
?1890?Henry Boseley
Beer House & Shop
?1891-1896?George Evan Perry
Beer Retailer
?1900?George Uzzle
Beer Retailer
?1901-1902?Thomas Brinn
Beer Retailer/Cannon Brewery
19031911Tom Lawrence
The Retreat
19111923Sydney J Rosier
The Retreat
?1923?WC Barnaby
The Retreat
?1930?Jas (James?) Lofthouse
Beer Retailer
?1940-1943?Mr and Mrs Ernest Palmer
Beer Retailer
??P J Dunne
??Andy Williams
?19881992George and Rose Scott
??Graham Mutton
??Peter Brookes
20032012Bernie Whiten and Jane Marsden
2013Paul Gabbott
2013currentBrian Moignard
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