George & Rose Scott

Rose Scott Behind The Bar

George and Rose Scott were in charge of The Retreat in the late 1980s/early 1990s. Here is Rose behind the front bar. Thank you to Bob Brodie for the photo.

Rose Scott, landlady of The Retreat

Things to notice here:

  • There were only three beer engines for real ale. I’m told there were two in the back bar. Currently, in the front bar there are five beer engines plus four taps for kegs (Guinness, Pravha, etc.). Two beer engines have been installed in the back bar following the 2020 refurbishment of The Retreat.
  • There was a mild on sale (one of the three beer engines).
  • It looks like there was a more limited selection of snacks.
  • Spirit sales were a lot less important than Christmas.

PS: The gentleman at the end of the bar is Les Bagent, sometime Bar Manager at the RAOB (on the corner of King’s Road and Forbury Road, Reading). Thank you to Colin Rogers for this information.

Postcard to Mr & Mrs G Scott, August 1986

Mr & Mrs G Scott,
The Retreat P.H.
8, St Johns Street,
Off Queens Road,

Found a lovely little boozer in which to while away the rainy hours.

Both “hosts” are Scottish. He is pleasant amusing and intelligent for a Scot.

The lady is robust in character, charming in a rustic sort of way but extremely incisive in her attitude towards her “better” customers. I like the place so much that I bought one of their postcards.

Ian, Pam Claire.

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