Kawauso Beer

Otter delivers rugby-themed beer to Japan

Brewers at Otter Brewery have a new beer for the Rugby World Cup. You will find keen rugby enthusiasts working in most Westcountry breweries, but one maker of Devon beer goes further than most when it comes to the staff ’s love for the game.

Otter Kawauso Beer at the brewery

Rugby-mad brewers at Otter Brewery – well known for being sponsors of the Exeter Chiefs – have created a new beer for South West drinkers to enjoy during the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

The brewery – whose “Derek the Otter” now an established part of the Chief ’s half-time entertainment at each home game – has come up with a new brew called Kawauso.

The word is Japanese for otter – and it is to that distant country that one of Otter’s dray-men is driving at present in a converted Army ambulance Land Rover.

Mark Farrell, who is now nearing the completion of an epic journey via Mongolia, will be linking up with the Chiefs and their supporters ahead of the first match in Japan with plenty of the new Otter beer on board.

The brewery’s Patrick McCaig said: “Rugby is close to our hearts – which beat a whole load faster when the World Cup comes around. To celebrate this epic tournament being held in Japan we have brewed a special beer for rugby fans to get stuck into.

“With a carefully selected mix of international hops, Kawauso is a modern styled beer, pale gold with a cedar and apricot aroma. Tastewise you’ll find refreshing notes of soft fruit – we thought that Kawauso would make a great bar call in the pubs televising the games. No need to eat our hats when England lift that trophy – just say Kawauso!” He added that Mark’s long distance beer deliveries are designed to… “Help the Exeter players’ rest and recovery after the tournament…”