Promoting your gig

promoting your gig

If you’ve got a gig or event coming up at The Retreat, please help us by promoting your gig through your own channels.

We set about actively promoting your gig here on our website. We also promote regularly through Facebook and Twitter. The Retreat is also a partner to What’s On In Reading and we list most of our events there as well. Additionally, we run our own mailing list which is pretty effective.

Things you can do to help promote your gig:

  1. Send us a biography and a large high-resolution image of you and/or your band. We can then use this to give consistency to your own marketing. Email them to
  2. Add your gig to your own website with a link to The Retreat. A link to our What’s On page is best or you can link to the specific event page.
  3. Let us know your website address and your Facebook page so that we can link to it. Your audience often wants to know more about you and keep in touch with you.
  4. Mention the gig in your newsletters.
  5. Create an event on your Facebook page.
  6. Like The Retreat on Facebook and share posts we send out.
  7. Follow us on Twitter and retweet posts we publish.

Another thing to consider is the frequency of your gigs in the area. If you book another gig close in time and nearby to The Retreat the likelihood is that you will simply dilute your audience for both events, and then no one is a winner.

We want you to have a great event at The Retreat and we can both play a positive role in promoting your gig.