Brian Moignard

Brian Moignard is the Landlord of The Retreat. He is a professional landlord with great experience. He is especially good at cellar management, an important part of delivering a great pint. He came to The Retreat in 2013.

David Gray

David Gray is an interior designer of note whose showroom is in Pangbourne. He is currently working on projects in France, Italy and the UK. Dave is also an accomplished guitarist who regularly performs in Reading. He has lived in the Village for over a decade.

Di Whitaker

Di Whitaker has been with BA for over 20 years and has been living in the Village for nearly a decade. Her previous careers included modelling with London agencies and she had her own catering business.

Mark Birmingham

Mark Birmingham is a Producer who works on large scale theatrical productions and who is currently working on Kate Beckinsale’s new movie, Jolt. He has lived within sight of The Retreat for over 15 years.