Mini Cheddars

Mini Cheddars are a brand of baked Cheddar cheese-flavoured British-style savoury biscuit, having a granular crumbly texture, unlike crackers which are harder, more brittle and flaky in texture.

Mini Cheddars sold at The Retreat in Reading

Although found in the crisp and snacks aisle of the supermarket, mini cheddars are categorically not a crisp as they are not made of sliced potato, they are a baked wheat-based snack.

They were originally manufactured and sold by Crawfords. Until 2014, Cheddars were marketed under the McVitie’s brand, but are now marketed under the Jacob’s brand.

Cheddars are made with real cheese. They are ideal with real ale or a glass of wine.

One in three households buy into the ‘Mighty taste of real cheese’, baked not fried.

Source: Kantar 52 w/e 28 Feb 2017

And guess what? There’s a Mini Cheddars fan page on Facebook. But, looking at it in November 2019 it looks as though fans are too busy eating Cheddars to contribute.

The consumption of Cheddars in the UK is not without controversy. This from that august publication, the Daily Mail:

A six year-old boy who was suspended from his school after he took a bag of Mini Cheddars in his packed lunch has now been expelled.

Riley Pearson, from Colnbrook, near Slough, was initially excluded from Colnbrook C of E Primary School after teachers discovered the snack and called in his parents.

After a meeting with headmaster Jeremy Meek, they were sent a letter telling them Riley would be excluded from last Wednesday until Monday because he had been ‘continuously breaking school rules’.


And good old Channel 5 can’t get it right. They tried, in 2019, to rank people’s favourite crisps in the UK. They included Cheddars which, as we’ve already said, aren’t even a crisp. You can read the mirth and merriment about this on the Metro website.

Mini Cheddars Crisis averted – short film