Event Details

This event finished on 11 November 2020

It’s back! Quiz Night with our quizmaster Mike Burt. Mike is renowned for his quiz research and he delivers a challenging quiz.

Our quiz nights are usually every second Wednesday of the month in the back bar of The Retreat. This will be our first since March for obvious reasons.

Special arrangements for Wednesday 9 September 2020:

  1. Time: 20.00 arrival and registration for a 20.30 start.
  2. Limited capacity:
    1. Maximum team size of 4 people.
    2. We can only accommodate 5 teams in total.
  3. If you want to reserve a team table in advance, phone Brian on 0118 376 9159 or pop into the pub to see him.
  4. Please ensure that you bring your own pens and paper.

The History of Pub Quizzes

The concept of a pub quiz was established in the UK in the 1970s, mainly by a company called Burns and Porter, to get people into pubs on quieter nights. Popularity grew and grew over the next few years from just 30 teams to 10,000 playing each week in a Burns and Porter quiz.

Today, pub quizzes are popular events run frequently by pubs and often at the specific request of customers. A 2009 study put the number of regular weekly pub quizzes in the UK at 22,445.